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Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant (Inner Sunset)
Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant (Inner Sunset)
754 Kirkham Street, San Francisco, CA 94122
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Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant (Inner Sunset)

754 Kirkham Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant is pleased to delight San Francisco vegetarians and vegans with three locations around San Francisco. Chinese Buddhist principles support vegetarian and healthy eating. Enjoy Vegetarian complies with Buddhist and vegan principles and uses no meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, or MSG products in our dishes. What does that mean for you? Super healthy food prepared with traditional Chinese herbs, spices, and sauces.

Our chefs have mastered the art of vegetarian and vegan cooking and we set the bar high. Chinese vegetarian cooking uses vegetarian foods to create meat-like textures and flavors. Many of the dishes on our menu have meats in their names, but the meat is all made from soy protein, wheat gluten, yams or mushrooms. You can create a meal of vegetable dishes, faux “meats” or both. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurants’ food is particularly popular with vegans, as we can make every dish on the menu is compatible with a vegan diet.

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The appetizer choices at Enjoy include fragrant crispy “chicken” nuggets, fried taro cake, salt and pepper pumpkin and crispy tofu, along with spring rolls and dumplings. The main courses range from eggplant with “sea bass” to lettuce wraps with shredded mushrooms. For a "meat" dish, go for twice cooked veggie pork or bitter melon and soy beef in black bean sauce. Some of the more unusual dishes include a stir fry of lotus root, lily, peas and ginkgo nuts, a stir fry of ginger, yam leaves and eggplant. If you like fried rice, try the house special fried rice with veggie barbecue “pork“ or the sweet mustard greens, spinach and “chicken” fried rice.

You can get traditional and flavorful clay pot simmered dishes at Enjoy Vegetarian, as well as a good selection of chow mein and e-mein noodle dishes and noodle soups. For a warming treat on a chilly day, try the hot curry noodle soup with chili sauce. The spices that go into all our dishes are ground in-house.

We don’t sacrifice flavor for vegetables here at Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurants. Stop by today to get healthy, hearty meals at a fair price.

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